Random Black and Whites

A young boy riding bicycle on the street of Lamka town.
Cloudy day: photo of a wide branches tree outside of town.
Men fishing along the Tuitha river just after a heavy rainfall.
Scenario of a landscape alongside the Tuitha river.
A mother carrying her baby child followed by her daughter. In a hurry to get home.
An old lady walking wearing a shawl.

Caught an eye

Business is slow as usual these days… Somehow get bored, nothing much to work on. Watching people to and fro, some seems in a hurry while some walking chatting with friends. While my eyes turn round and round some motion caught my eyes. Took just a few frame that gets me busy for a moment.

Piangperman, an Icon among the youth and old in and around Lamka town, 
Some folks busy trying to put down a Scooty from a Sumo Vehicle. A passerby watched cautiously.

All images were copyrighted. ┬ęperfectframe photography

Traditional Dress

It’s been a while since my last post. I’ve been busy feeding my throat! ­čÖé Anywhay here i got a new pictures to show which may somehow catches your eyes. I got some free time to step out and have a few some great shot on a model dressed up with out traitional dresses- Paite Puandum & BA Puan; Paite is our Tribe name and Puan means Shawl.

Taking a photo is easy as eating food but it ain’t much easy as you think it is when it comes to get a perfect outcome, you got to tak a lot of having ideas and visualize before the shot so that the┬áresult is satisfactory.